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# CityRunner

62.99 € VAT Inc

98.99 € IVA Inc

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 16 reviews)
Very good25%

with USB Connection and Waterproof Rain Cover… Perfectly able to carry up to TWO helmets at once.

DHT System
, Expandable Interior, Water/Wear-Resistant, Waterproof Rain Cover, Dedicated Laptop Compartment up to 15’’, Reflective Strips, Breathable Straps, EVA Back Panel, Adjustable Chest/Waist Straps, USB Connection, Side Pockets, Reinforced Frontal Panel.

Equipped with the Pioneering DHT System, incorporating Three different ways to transport your helmet, even Two at a time if needed.

1. Expandable Interior

Spacious interior of up to 35 liters, perfectly able to hold a helmet of any type/size.

Helmet Strap

Helmet Holder Net

Expandable Interior

Fits helmet of any type/size

2. Helmet Strap

Easy, comfortable, quick-release designed specifically for this purpose.

3. Helmet Holder Net

Removable elastic adjustable Helmet Cover, perfectly able to hold a helmet of any type/size




USB Connection: Laptop/Tablet of up to 15 inches

Large Capacity

Interior 30/35L

Fitted with a dedicated interior padded Laptop/Tablet compartment for devices up to 15’’ and various additional compartments to keep your phone, work tools, gym clothes and/or school material. Its size and large capacity make it an ideal travel bag.


In case of extreme weather, the backpack is fitted with a removable waterproof Rain Cover providing an extra level of water protection. Made of Oxford 900D Polyester.

Comfortable and Safe.

Adjustable Straps

both for Chest and Waist, ensuring improved weight distribution and firm fastening.

Comfortable and Safe.

EVA Back Panel

Breathable and Padded Straps

Reflective Strips

For a Safer NightRiding



Technical Specifications


Nice backpack!

Rated 5 out of 5
27 April 2021

I honestly thought I got scammed, because of the low views on youtube and little reviews, but it arrived today and I really like the backpack. I even missed the part where it said that the backpack has a usb and aux port as well, that’s a nice extra!

Alec Broos


Rated 5 out of 5
21 February 2021

Great backpack and great customer service. Delivery was slightly delayed but definitely worth the wait. Would recommend this backpack to everyone.



Rated 4 out of 5
2 February 2021

got myself a pinlock anti misting insert and good to go. only drawback is cos i have arthritis in my neck i have to raise visor to see far left and right but thats an issue personal to me .



Rated 5 out of 5
28 October 2020

Daughter loves her new motorcycle backpack 🙂 she says feels comfortable, can take everything she needs to school and recommend 👍


Quality, Durability and Practicality

Rated 5 out of 5
24 October 2020

You can use this OG backpack’s elasticated helmet holder to secure even the largest full-face motorcycle helmet to the back of the pack, as seen in the main picture on the product page. This leaves an expensive helmet with a delicate visor too exposed for my liking, though – too easy to bash it off walls or hard surfaces while wearing the pack. I prefer to put my full-face helmet inside the main compartment of the backpack, as seen in my photographs. The inner compartments are well padded on all sides, offering excellent protection to contents. The main inner compartment can zip shut even with a full-face helmet inside it. I left it unzipped in my photos just to show that my extra-large full-face motorcycle helmet fits comfortably inside the pack. It’s possible to stow one helmet in the main compartment and one outside in the elasticated helmet holder. This is handy if you’re in the habit of carrying a spare helmet for a friend or co-rider, making this backpack an ideal choice for anyone touring by motorcycle. The main compartment has a few pockets. There’s also a secondary, slightly smaller compartment completely separate from the main one. The pack is heavily padded on all sides, especially the front and back, which have layers of ultra-durable EVA for extra protection. One feature I particularly like is the steel rope running through the top handle’s hollow plastic – this gives the handle huge strength. The entire pack has a heavy-duty build quality. Everything about it feels substantial. Nothing’s flimsy. The back straps feature reflective strips which catch light extremely well, as can be seen in one of my photos (which was taken with flash). The reflective strips are minimal in size, though. A larger reflective area would have been better from a safety point of view. Each side of the pack has a mesh pocket large enough for a water bottle or something of that ilk. The pack also has a USB connection and a small headphone jack built in, so you can keep your devices safe and dry inside the main compartment while still being able to access them.
I’ve no serious criticisms of this pack. I’d have made the reflective areas on the back much larger, for safer night riding. Other than that, I really wouldn’t change a thing about this product. I’ve seen more expensive packs that were of much lower quality than this one. Five stars without a doubt.

Scottish Manitou